Christmas door wreaths

Whatever your idea of the perfect Christmas wreath is, here at The Flower Box, we have something to suit you. Following tradition, the basis of all our wreaths is seasonal greenery. From there on in, there’s lots of choice. Here’s our selection of wreaths for the 2020 Christmas season.


Displaying your wreath

 Current fashion is to hang wreaths on doors, usually the front door where they show that yours is a household that extends Christmas spirit to every visitor or passer-by. In the past they were more traditionally laid flat and finished with candles. Our wreaths are primarily designed to hang but will lay flat if that’s how you want to display them.

Ready-made or kit forms

When you order a wreath from The Flower Box you can choose to have it delivered.

  • Finished and ready to hang
  • With the framework of greenery in place ready for you to add the decorative touches.
  • As a ready to assemble kit.

If you opt for having a go at making your own wreath, you’ll receive everything you need for your chosen wreath, written assembly instructions and a link to a video showing the process of making the wreath up.