ceropegia Woodii

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ceropegia Woodii

Ceropegia woodii variegata is a very easy houseplant to grow. It has many common names including

  • Sweetheart Vine
  • Hearts Entangled
  • String of Hearts
  • Chain of Hearts
  • Rosary Plant

This unusual, hardy vining succulent produces pretty, variegated, heart-shaped leaves on tough, wire-like stems.

In addition to its attractive leaves, it also produces small, bead-like tubers or bulbs at intervals along the vine giving it the appearance of a rosary.

These bulbs can be planted like seeds to grow new plants quickly and easily.

Tuck them into the soil around the parent plant or place them in new pots and you’ll have a new rosary plant almost before you know it.

Water: As a succulent, these plants like to be watered sparingly, especially in the wintertime. Allow the soil to dry out (almost) and then water thoroughly.

Winter care: Your plant will look a bit droopy during the cold months, but only water it sparingly. Begin watering normally in the springtime.

Humidity: Ceropegia woodii is comfortable in most household settings. It does not require high humidity.

Light: The chain of hearts plant appreciates bright, indirect sunlight, but it can do well in a low light setting.

Lower light will result in less contrast in the leaf variegation. Additionally, a low light setting will cause the backs of the leaves to take on a purplish hue.

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