Eden, eco friendly flowers to arrange at home

A soft colour palette of beautiful flowers is wrapped in paper and tied using natural materials. 

this flat bouquet is one of our eco friendly range, all packaging is fully recylable and perfect for someone who cares about the enviroment and doesnt like single use plastic.

Also the perfect gift for someone who like to play with flowers as these will need to be arrange into a vase upon reciept. 

You can find more eco friendly products here, including our popular eco vase bouquets, which has flowers arranged in a stylish plastic vase made from recycled plastic waste which are made in the UK. 

As with all our bouquets, we recomend that flowers are kept away form direct sunlight and heat sources as this will help the flowers last as long as possible.

Each and ebery bouquet is designed with love and atention to detail by our in house Florist and Flower Box owner Tanith, so every bouquet delivered is as unique as your loved one. 

If you have specific flower in mind please dont hessistate to give the shop a call on 01547 528786 and discuss your flower needs.


Eden, eco friendly flowers to arrange at home

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