Florist Choice Flower Box

A mix of carefully selected flowers presented in one of our easy-to-look-after flower boxes.

When you order flowers and ask for 'Florist Choice' you'll get the very best value for your money. Tanith or Jackie will select seasonal blooms and design an arrangement that highlights them perfectly. You're free to specify colours or say if there are particular flowers you DON'T want included. 

As with all of our arrangements, flowers included in your 'florist choice' bouquet will have been in the shop for no longer than 3 days. 
All flowers come with comprehensive care instructions. In the case of a florist choice mix presented in a box, all you'll need to do is top up with water and remove faded blooms to encourage younger buds to flower. 
Expect your arrangement to last between 2 and 3 weeks. 

(Please note this item is only available in our local delivery area. See our delivery page for more information).

Florist Choice Flower Box

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