Mamma Mia vibrant flower box

Make their day with this bright and vibrant collection of flowers, beautifully presented in a gift box,

mamma mia always containers a selection of long lasting flowers such as chrysanthumum or santini's with bold focal flowers like gerbera and roses, in cerise, green and yellow tones. 

part of our popular Flower Box range, upon reciept this gorgous gift just needs to be giving a space to bloom and only needs topping up with water every few days.

If youd rather a more enviromentally friendly design please check out our eco range. 

Please note at peaks we may run low on stock and need to substitute certain flowers, when needed we will always contact the ordering customer to advise of any major changes to the style of the design, upon delivery each and every order will have a photo sent to you email provided of your actual flowers to the email address you provide at checkout. 

Ahould you have any questions please dont hesitiate to contact us, Tantih will be happy to answer any concerns.


Mamma Mia vibrant flower box

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